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Summer 2024

Summer Classes

 July 1 - August 2

 Independence Day

 July  4 -no classes

Camps and Workshops

The Nutcracker Camp (ages 5-7)

July 8-12 


Cinderella Camp (ages 8-12)

July 22-26

Advanced Workshop

June ​17 - June 28

Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

August 5-16

Observation:  Observation weeks are scheduled 2 times during the Fall/Spring session, mid-winter and late spring.  Parents are invited into the studios to observe their student's progress and development.  Observation weeks will be posted 2-3 weeks ahead of time, please check The Studio bulletin board for dates and details.









COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines This page has been updated on 8/18/22 

Updated Covid protocols for Fall 2022

We continue to monitor federal, state, and county guidelines and make adjustments as needed/required to ensure the safest experience possible.


CDC "COMMUNITY LEVEL" for Racine County is currently "LOW" (as of 2/23/2023)

Beginning this Fall masks will be optional for all students that are 100% healthy when the "CDC Community Levels" are "LOW" or "MEDIUM".


To keep everyone as safe as possible there will still be times when masks are required:


    If a student takes class without a mask during a time they might have been contagious all students in their class will be asked to wear a well-fitted N95/KN95 mask for 10 days after the exposure. Or, they may elect to quarantine.


    Students with Covid or related symptoms will still be asked to stay home for 5 days from the onset of symptoms or until they have a negative Covid test(s). They will also be required to wear a well-fitted N95/KN95 mask for at least 5 days when they return.

    Any time testing is required either a PCR test or two rapid tests taken 48 hours apart will provide a reasonable level of safety.


    As a reflection of the current information and, in an effort to keep students dancing, quarantine will no longer be required after a possible exposure. Instead, students can elect to wear a well-fitted N95/KN95 mask for 10 days following the possible exposure.  A negative Covid test(s) is/are also okay:), as long as the test(s) is taken 48 hours or more after the exposure and there is not ongoing exposure such as someone in the student's household having Covid.


Prior to Class

  • Students must be registered before arriving for their first class.

  • To register please call or email The Studio at least 24 hours prior to the class you are interested in.

  • When the CDC "COMMUNITY LEVELS" are "HIGH" a well-made, multi-layered, well-fitted (no gaps, especially around cheeks and nose) mask is required at all times when in the building. No masks with “valves” please. Students should bring multiple masks with them in case they sneeze, or the mask gets sweaty, etc. We highly recommend students take time and experiment before wearing a mask for class, some masks are more comfortable than others. Also, a bit of jumping about to make sure the mask stays in place is helpful:).

If a student isn't feeling well

  • Students should stay home if they have any of the following symptoms and have not tested negative:

    • Fever/chills

    • Cough

    • Sore Throat

    • Runny Nose/congestion

    • Unusual headache/body aches

    • Diarrhea/nausea/vomiting

    • Loss of taste/smell

  • As always, if your student is not going to attend class or, if you are not sure if they should come to class, please call or email ASAP. Students with the above symptoms can return after 5 days from the onset of symptoms (the first day with symptoms counts as day 0) or, with a negative test(s) as outlined above.

  • When returning (symptoms improving and fever free for 24 hours) they must also wear a higher quality mask (N95, KN95, KF94) for an additional 5 days.

  • Students who travel (or have contact) outside of their everyday bubble need to wear one of the higher-quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) for 5 days following their contact/return just to keep everyone as safe as can be.


Arriving at The Studio

  • Students should arrive between 5 and 15 minutes prior to their class time.  If there is an emergency causing a student to arrive late please call the studio prior to the start time of their class.

  • Only students will be permitted in the building at this time.

  • Students should have their dancewear on underneath their regular clothes and carry their ballet slippers.

  • Students should wait in their cars until their entrance door is opened. 

Entering the Building

  • Once inside, students will leave their street shoes on a shelf next to the entrance, sanitize their hands then make their way to their designated place in the studio or hallway waiting area.

  • Each student will have a specific and physically distanced spot in the studio to leave their things, put their shoes on and wait for class to begin. 

  • Bathroom breaks are limited to one student at a time and we request students use the restroom prior to coming to The Studio.



  • Students must be picked up on time at the end of their class. If there is an emergency and a late pick-up is necessary please call the studio and leave a message. We will make arrangements to have your student wait safely inside. Students will not be permitted to wait outside for their ride during this time.


What We Are Doing

  • The studios, hallway, and restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of each day.

  • Hand sanitizing areas are located at each entrance and in both studios.

  • Shared areas like the dressing rooms, lobby, drinking fountain, and stretching area are closed right now.


Thank You!
As with all things related to Covid-19 we are doing our best to stay up to date with the research and recommendations and will always choose the safest path possible.   We welcome input and questions of all kinds, especially during these challenging times.


"The Story of the Nutcracker"

December 16th & 17th

at  the "Rita" on the U.W. Parkside campus


Add a dash of sparkle, a sprinkle of magic and a spoonful of joy to your holiday season!

Tickets on sale October 23

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