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Housed in a large industrial building, The Studio is a beautiful, safe environment for aspiring dancers of all ages to train and grow.

Our spacious facility features two large, brightly lit studios with high ceilings and large mirrors.  Both rooms have sprung wood floors covered with Marley (a special slip-resistant vinyl flooring found in studios around the world) that guarantees a consistent, safe surface.  Studio A  has sturdy, portable barres  (enough for each student to have their own) and Studio B has both portable and wall barres.


In addition to the beautiful studios we also have a comfortable lobby/waiting area, separate girls and boys dressing rooms, large restroom facilities, 2 drinking fountains and a stretching/warm-up area for students to prepare for class.

Located at 2745 Chicory Road, The Studio is easy to access from all areas of Racine and Kenosha counties as well as south Milwaukee and northern Illinois.

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