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Class Enrollment Guidelines

Our youngest students in the Children’s Division (Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet) enroll based on their age.
In our Student Division (Ballet 1 and above) advancement is based on an individual’s progress and ability.  

It is helpful to recognize The Studio has six levels compared with an academic school’s twelve grades and it is expected and normal for a student to spend two or more years in each level.  Each student is unique and so is their progress.

The primary factors that influence a young dancer’s progress are:


  • Physical facility: Strength, coordination, natural body alignment, flexibility and natural turnout. Growth spurts can also have a dramatic impact on a student’s progress.


  • Personal drive: Focus, concentration and a strong desire/ability to carry forward corrections in class plus individual work and stretching/conditioning outside of class, especially for students in level 2 and above.

  • And, of course, family support. 

For students with the drive and desire to progress more quickly additional classes beyond the required amount are helpful, please do ask!  

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