COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines

As you might imagine, a few procedural changes are required to keep everyone safe during these interesting times. We will continue to monitor federal, state and county guidelines and make adjustments as needed/required to ensure the safest experience possible.


Prior to Class

  • Students must be registered before arriving for their first class. Classes sizes are smaller right now, especially in our Children’s Division and Ballet 1,1A and 2.  To register please call or email The Studio at least 24 hours prior to the class you are interested in.

  • A well made, multi layered, well fitted (no gaps, especially around cheeks and nose) mask is required at all times when in the building or parking lot. We recommend washable cloth masks. Elastic straps are better as they provide a good fit once adjusted. Also, no masks with “valves” please. Students should bring multiple masks with them in case they sneeze, or the mask gets sweaty, etc. We highly recommend students take time and experiment with wearing a mask. It is a different experience and some masks are more comfortable than others. Also, a bit of jumping about to make sure the mask stays in place is helpful:).

  • Print out and complete the “Student COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire” in the day or two before class. Plan what to bring. A small bag with a full water bottle, extra face masks, ballet slippers/pointe shoes and anything else essential to a student’s participation in class.


Arriving at The Studio

  • Students should arrive on time; doors open 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. If there is an emergency causing a student to arrive late please call the studio prior to the start time of their class. With the check-in process required due to Covid-19 it may not be possible to accommodate all late arrivals but we will do our best.

  • Only students will be permitted in the building at this time. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions.

  • Students should have their dancewear on underneath their regular clothes and carry their ballet slippers.

  • Students should wait in their cars until their entrance door is opened. Face masks should be in place before getting out of their car.  For the start of the year Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1 and 1A will enter through the main doors. Ballet 2 and the Boys Class will enter through the doors off of the patio into Studio A. Ballet 3 on Monday and Wednesday will enter through the doors off of the patio into Studio, on Friday they will enter through the main doors. Ballet 4-6 will be using both entrances throughout the week; we’ll direct them as they arrive. As weather changes we will be making adjustments to this part of the process in order to keep everyone warm and safe:).

Entering the Building

  • Students will hand their completed “Questionnaire” to Mr. Darling or Ms. Bennett and have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. Students with a temperature above 100.4 (fever as defined by the CDC) will be sent home.

  • Once inside, students will leave their street shoes on a shelf next to the entrance, sanitize their hands and make their way to their designated place in the studio or hallway waiting area.

  • Each student will have a specific and physically distanced spot in the studio to leave their things, put their shoes on and wait for class to begin.  During class there will be a water break where students may go to their places on the edges of the room and briefly remove their mask to get a drink.

  • Bathroom breaks are limited to one student at a time and we request students use the restroom prior to coming to The Studio. Restrooms will be sanitized in between each class.



  • Once class is done students will take off their ballet shoes, gather their things and line up to leave. They will put their street shoes on, sanitize their hands and head out.

  • Students must be picked up on time at the end of their class. If there is an emergency and a late pick up is necessary please call the studio and leave a message. We will make arrangements to have your student wait safely inside. Students will not be permitted to wait outside for their ride during this time.


What We Are Doing

  • The studios, hallway and restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of each day. Barres and areas where students store their things will be sanitized in between each class.

  • Hand sanitizing areas are located at each entrance and in both studios.

  • Shared areas like the dressing rooms, lobby, drinking fountain and stretching area are closed right now.

  • CDC physical distancing guidelines will be followed at all times while inside and outside of the building.

  • Exercise balls, yoga blocks, mats and other shared equipment will not be in use right now.

  • Restrooms visits will be limited to one student at a time. Students taking class in Studio A (the larger room) will use the large restroom(s) at the end of the hall. Students in Studio B will use the small restroom just inside the studio.

  • Corrections during class will be given verbally and there will not be any partner work, hugs, high fives, etc… for now :( (Air hugs and big thumbs up are always welcome :).

Travel Guidelines


The CDC guidelines updated May 13, 2021 differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The studies are not yet conclusive regarding vaccinated individuals and the possibility they might transmit Covid-19 to others while asymptomatic. Thus we will continue to follow the recommendations for the safest possible path and a 14 day period of zoom class(es) will be part of the return process for some travelers.  This is even more important with the new Covid-19 strains that are up to 70% more contagious than the original.

Instead of a quarantine students and their families may elect to wear a well fitted, unvented N95, KN95 or KF94 mask for 14 days after they travel.  This is a departure from the CDC guidelines; one that, combined with the other protocols in place at the Studio, should keep the risk level very low for all of  the students.  (We’ve worn a few N95 and KF94, they’ve been comfortable and even easier to breathe in than our everyday cloth masksJ)


If either of the following scenarios represent a student’s travel experience then the there is no need for quarantine or upgraded masks, students can simple return to in-person classes when they are back in town.

The first would be if a student travels with their immediate family via private vehicle or family car to a family cabin, condo, boat, tent or other accommodation that hasn't been used by anyone else in the previous 24 hours.  Student also doesn't eat indoors at restaurants, always wears a mask and avoids close contact while interacting with others outside of their "bubble".  This is great and students can return to class once they get back to town.  Please email with the dates of the absence and the general process of the trip.

The second would be if a student travels via private vehicle or family car with their immediate family, doesn't eat indoors at restaurants and stays in lodging that allows at least 24 hours between guests and also have completely separate HVAC units for each room.  During travel the student would also wear a mask when around others and avoids close contact both indoors and out.  As this one is more complicated if you think this applies please email or call well before the potential return date.  We'll figure out the safest way for your student to return to class.

As with all things related to Covid-19 we are doing our best to stay up to date with the research and recommendations and will always choose the safest path possible.   We welcome input of all kinds, especially during these challenging times.

Thank you again for your understanding and support through all of this, thankfully there is a light at the end of this tunnel.