COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines This page has been updated on 4/29/22 

We continue to monitor federal, state and county guidelines and make adjustments as needed/required to ensure the safest experience possible.


Masks are currently required for all students (families will be notified via email regarding any changes to this protocol)


At The Studio we follow the CDC's "Community Transmission" metric for guidance rather than the CDC's newly created (early March this year) "Community Levels". When this metric is "Moderate" for the counties that our students are from we will transition to mask optional.


Why choose the more conservative "Community Transmission" metric? Simply put: From the beginning of the pandemic students and families have trusted us to choose the safest path suggested by science that allows us to keep the students dancing "in person". We are truly honored by that trust and will continue to provide the safest in-person environment for all of our students.


In addition, we also use our first-hand "student body" experience. This is the number of students and families contracting Covid and the severity of their illness.  As of this writing (4/29/22), the percentage of students and families with Covid is much higher than the CDC numbers would suggest. And, there have been hospitalizations and complications, not just the flu-like symptoms most often experienced. Please note that none of the cases are the result of transmission at the studio.

Prior to Class

  • Students must be registered before arriving for their first class. Classes sizes are smaller right now, especially in our Children’s Division and Ballet 1,1A and 2.  To register please call or email The Studio at least 24 hours prior to the class you are interested in.

  • A well made, multi layered, well fitted (no gaps, especially around cheeks and nose) mask is required at all times when in the building. No masks with “valves” please. Students should bring multiple masks with them in case they sneeze, or the mask gets sweaty, etc. We highly recommend students take time and experiment before wearing a mask for class, some masks are more comfortable than others. Also, a bit of jumping about to make sure the mask stays in place is helpful:).

  • Beginning 03/14/22 students no longer need to turn in a weekly Covid Questionnaire. Parents and students should still follow the guidelines in the questionnaire, especially staying home if they have any of the following symptoms:

    • Fever/chills

    • Cough

    • Sore Throat

    • Runny Nose/congestion

    • Unusual headache/body aches

    • Diarrhea/nausea/vomiting

    • Loss of taste/smell

  • As always, if your student is not going to attend class or, if you are not sure if they should come to class, please call or email ASAP. Students with the above symptoms can return after 5 days from the onset of symptoms (first day with symptoms counts as day 0) or with a negative PCR test. When ready to return (symptoms improving and fever free for 24 hours) they must also wear a higher quality mask (N95, KN95, KF94) for an additional 5 days.

  • Students who travel (or have contact) outside of their everyday bubble need to wear one of the higher quality masks for 10 days following their contact/return just to keep everyone as safe as can be.


Arriving at The Studio

  • Students should arrive between 5 and 15 minutes prior to their class time.  If there is an emergency causing a student to arrive late please call the studio prior to the start time of their class. With the check-in process required due to Covid-19 it may not be possible to accommodate all late arrivals but we will do our best.

  • Only students will be permitted in the building at this time. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions.

  • Students should have their dancewear on underneath their regular clothes and carry their ballet slippers.

  • Students should wait in their cars until their entrance door is opened. Face masks should be in place before getting out of their car.  Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1 and 1A will enter through the main doors. Ballet 2 and the Boys Class will enter through the doors off of the patio into Studio A. Ballet 3 on Monday and Wednesday will enter through the doors off of the patio into Studio, on Friday they will enter through the main doors. Ballet 4-6 will be using both entrances throughout the week; we’ll direct them as they arrive. As weather changes we will be making adjustments to this part of the process in order to keep everyone warm and safe:).

Entering the Building

  • Once inside, students will leave their street shoes on a shelf next to the entrance, sanitize their hands and make their way to their designated place in the studio or hallway waiting area.

  • Each student will have a specific and physically distanced spot in the studio to leave their things, put their shoes on and wait for class to begin.  During class there will be a water break where students may go to their places on the edges of the room and briefly remove their mask to get a drink.

  • Bathroom breaks are limited to one student at a time and we request students use the restroom prior to coming to The Studio.



  • Students must be picked up on time at the end of their class. If there is an emergency and a late pick up is necessary please call the studio and leave a message. We will make arrangements to have your student wait safely inside. Students will not be permitted to wait outside for their ride during this time.


What We Are Doing

  • The studios, hallway and restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of each day.

  • Hand sanitizing areas are located at each entrance and in both studios.

  • Shared areas like the dressing rooms, lobby, drinking fountain and stretching area are closed right now.

  • CDC physical distancing guidelines will be followed at all times while inside and outside of the building.

  • Restrooms visits will be limited to one student at a time. Students taking class in Studio A (the larger room) will use the large restroom(s) at the end of the hall. Students in Studio B will use the small restroom just inside the studio.

Thank You!
As with all things related to Covid-19 we are doing our best to stay up to date with the research and recommendations and will always choose the safest path possible.   We welcome input of all kinds, especially during these challenging times.

Thank you again for your understanding and support through all of this, thankfully there is a light at the end of this tunnel.