Registration:  For our Fall/Spring season new students enrolling in the Children’s Division and Ballet 1 are accepted through the end of January. Students with previous experience enrolling in Ballet 1A and above are accepted throughout the year.  Classes have a limited number of places and enrollment is on a “first come, first served” basis.  To guarantee a spot for your child, make sure to drop off or mail in the Registration Form and fee as soon as possible, especially right before the beginning of the terms in September and July when the volume of registrations is greater!

Tuition:  The Fall/Spring session at The Studio is 9 months, September to the end of May.  Tuition is based on the entire session and, for convenience, is divided into 9 equal payments due the first week of each month.  Alternate payment schedules can be arranged, please call or stop by the school office for more information.  Families enrolling more than 1 student in the Children's or Student Division receive a 20% discount off the lesser tuition(s) for each additional family member. A 10% discount is given when the year is paid in full at registration.  Tuition is non-refundable except in the event of serious illness or injury.


Payments can be made by cash or check and can be dropped off at the school office or mailed to The Studio at: 2745 Chicory Road, Racine WI 53403

Level Placement:  Our youngest students in the Children's Division (Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet) enroll based on their age, as of the first day of our our Fall/Spring season or the first day of Summer Classes. Once students enter the Student Division (Ballet 1 and above) advancement is based solely upon ability. 

New students with previous experience enrolling in the Student Division should call The Studio prior to registering to schedule a placement class.


At The Studio it is expected and normal for a student to spend two or more years in a given level or levels.  Each student is unique and so is their progress.  Advancement from level to level is based solely on ability and personal achievement.  Physical facility, family support and personal drive are the primary factors that influence a young dancer's progress.

Sometimes a student enjoys dancing but isn't ready/able to make the time commitment required for a given level.  It is absolutely ok for a student to choose to register in a lower level with a smaller time requirement. 

Students that aspire to a career in ballet or other forms of dance are strongly encouraged to speak with us, especially once they reach Ballet 2 and above as additional classes will be helpful in their pursuit.


Attendance:  Regular attendance is vital to a student’s progress.  Students should arrive with enough time to be dressed, hair done and ready to go before the start time of their class. Students who are more than ten minutes late may be asked to observe the remainder of class, as it may not be possible for them to be properly warmed up.  Students who must leave a class early should get prior permission from the instructor.  Students taking additional classes or who are involved in studio performances, especially as they reach levels 4, 5 and 6, are expected to maintain excellent attendance.   


Absences:  Students missing class due to an unscheduled absence (illness, family emergency, etc…) should notify the studio by phone or email before the start time of their class (if possible).  Scheduled absences (wedding, family vacation, required school activity, etc…) should be written down and turned in to the school office as soon as the date(s) are known.


Please note; excessive absences may result in a student being moved to a lower level and will effect their advancement and involvement in productions.


Make Up Classes:  Make Up classes are offered at The Studio for the following circumstances


  • Absence(s) due to illness or family emergency

  • Absence(s) due to a mandatory school or church activity

  • Classes canceled due to a Studio rehearsal or performance

  • Classes canceled due to weather, power outage or other circumstance beyond our control

  • Life changing family event such as a wedding, funeral, birth of a sibling, etc.

  • Other circumstances on a limited case by case basis


Make up classes should be taken as close to the missed class as possible.  To make sure we don’t have too many students in a class all make up classes must be arranged and approved beforehand. 


Annual Performances:  Please see our "Performances" page


Observation:  Observation weeks are scheduled 2 times during the Fall/Spring session, mid winter and late spring.  Parents are invited into the studios to observe their students progress and development.  Observation weeks will be posted 2-3 weeks ahead of time, please check The Studio bulletin board for dates and details.


Weather Closings:  Weather conditions change quickly here in southern Wisconsin, we have found that though an overnight snowfall or extremely cold temperatures may cause schools to close but by the afternoon travel is usually OK.  At The Studio we monitor the weather and road conditions carefully and make our own determination.  If classes need to be canceled due to weather we will post a message on the studio voice mail, a weather closing notice on our local NBC station (TMJ 4) and, if possible, we will call all of the students affected by the cancellation.


Personal Electronic Device Policy:  (Cell Phones, Ipods, Tablets, Etc.)


  • No Personal Electronic Devices are permitted in the dressing rooms, bathrooms or stretching area unless turned off (not just on vibrate or hibernating) and put away in a dance bag, backpack, etc.  

  • Please use all Personal Electronic Devices in the lobby area only. 

  • Please keep cell phone calls short and, out of respect for others, use your “inside voice” when making or receiving a call.  Whenever possible please text or wait until outside to make your call.

  • No recordings (video, audio and still images) of any kind are permitted without the prior approval of the directors.  The Studio is a safe place for all who pass through our doors and we want it to always be that way.

  • Students under the age of 18 may use their Personal Electronic Devices only for homework or their own entertainment. 


Consequences: We are very proud of our students and families and are sure the guidelines above will be followed but as with all rules sometimes it helps to know the consequences.


Repeated transgressors may be asked to leave their Personal Electronic Devices with their parents, in the car or at home.


 The making of any form of negative statement or comment (whether or not with a Personal Electronic Device) about an individual or individuals will not be tolerated at The Studio.  Period.  Even if made in jest there are too many ways for things to be misunderstood.  With the World Wide Web being so very open posts of all kinds can reach an unintended audience and thereby cause unintended harm.