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Online Classes

Zoom Classes


To enroll please email The Studio or call (262) 633-4450.  Once registered we will email a Zoom link to the class.  You can cut and paste the link into your browser, follow a couple of prompts and you are all set.  Please turn on your audio and video for these classes,  click the correct prompts to join with both audio and video and enter your students name when logging in  (just their first name is fine).

Children's Zoom classes
Creative Movement - ages 4 & 5

Thursday     3:30-4:00


Pre-Ballet - ages 5 & 6

Tuesday      3:30-4:00


How to Take Online Classes
Classes will be modified to accommodate a smaller space (no big leaps over the sofa:) and will be slightly shorter than a traditional class.  

WHERE - Find an open space in your house where you have the room to extend your legs to the front, side and back as well as lie down with arms and legs fully extended.  Always good to take a moment and remove any tripping hazards (pets, toys, shoes. siblings, etc...:).  Wood floors are ideal but carpet, tile, etc will work just fine.  

DEVICES - Computer, phone, tablet, etc - For YouTube classes any device that has access to the internet and that can be moved or rotated so you can easily see the screen,  the bigger the screen the better.  For Zoom classes your device will also need a camera and be positioned so we can see your whole body during class or as much as possible.  If you can, connecting your device to a larger monitor or TV works great and makes it easier to follow along.

WHAT TO HAVE READY - Creative Movement students can have a favorite stuffed animal or soft toy to use during class.  Pre-Ballet and up will need something to use as a barre.  You can use the back of a chair, sofa, counter top, wall or even the foot board of a bed. Whatever the choice please make sure to get permission first.  For Ballet 1 and up a yoga mat, towel or even a sweatshirt will come in handy for the floor exercises.  

WHAT TO WEAR - Plan on wearing your normal class attire and put your hair up to get into the dancing mood.  Ballet shoes will work fine on most surfaces but please do be careful.  If the floor feels too slippery bare feet are OK especially for the younger ones.




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